Starting a Blog for Entrepreneurial Single Parents

November 22, 2008

Okay, so I remain inspired to start a blog today despite all obstacles and challenges I am facing in my life. I choose not to dwell on the negatives but rather focus and expand upon the positives. 
Yesterday I attended a “Blogging for Small Business” class given by David Vinjamuri,  author of Accidental Branding.  Although I do not believe him to be an Entrepreneurial Single Parent (EnSiPa), upon further investigation he had some great tips for Entrepreneurs that I thought I’d share.  This class was given by the NYC Small Business Solutions Center, a great resource if you reside in NYC to take classes for FREE!!  I encourage you to check out their schedule, as they conduct classes for many facets of Business Building – such as developing a business plan, proper set up, marketing, e-commerce, quickbooks, and so much more!  Their classes are available throughout ALL 5 Boroughs of NYC. be sure to register as early as possible, as their classes fill up quickly.

Being in the “Blogging for Small Business” class yesterday really brought light to blogging, for me.  There are so many great aspects and wonderful things you can do & say in order to build a community, share facts & opinions, up-to-date happenings, or gain credibility for yourself as an expert. I understand that there are many taboos in the blogging world as well and I hope to keep on the good track. Building a blog is one that requires a bit of dedication. My pledge is to post as often as possible.  I am seeking to build a community of like-minded, like-lifestyled individuals who fit into the demo-,psycho-,techno-graphics that make up an Entrpreneurial Single Parent (EnSiPa). Check out our Meetup Group.  I welcome you to join me in this venture!


2 Responses to “Starting a Blog for Entrepreneurial Single Parents”

  1. Great start, Damaris! Thanks for attending my class.

    David V.

  2. Damaris Mercado Says:

    Please keep me posted on any events or articles of interest. I’d like to share with our community.

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